The Grit and Glitter podcast inspires and empowers women to boldly chase their dreams through a 3x weekly series of inspirational conversations with both up-and-coming and established female entrepreneurs.

Hosted by Lauren Frontiera


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"She has the conversations we all want and need to hear."

"This is the only podcast I've actually binge listened to!"

"Lauren makes me feel empowered after every episode not only as an adult ... but also as a woman."


Dear ThirdLove, 

I've put this page together just for you! I know how much you love empowering women, and so do I.

I truly believe you'd be a great fit as a sponsor for The Grit and Glitter Podcast, which is why I recorded a private podcast episode with a sponsor read just for you! You can listen to it above. Here's a bit more about who I'm reaching each week...

My podcast is reaching the budding female entrepreneur and women who are chasing big dreams and in search of some inspiration and empowerment along the way.

The podcast made it on iTunes 'New and Noteworthy' list within the first 2 months. It receives 5k+ downloads monthly and just surpassed 25k total downloads. I've featured more than 45 women on the podcast, with online platforms reaching 90k+. Podcast guests have included cookbook author, Jessica Murnane, speaker and stylist, Ruthie Lindsey, and artist, Amira Rahim (episode releasing this May).

The women listening to my podcast, myself included, are in need of more empowering female-focused companies, like ThirdLove, and it would be an honor to talk about your products on my podcast.

I'd love to chat with you about sponsoring my show!

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